Upcoming Groom trends in Kerala

Upcoming Groom trends in Kerala

Are you searching for a classy and elegant wedding dress for men? Your search seems to have been over.  Men’s fashion industry which has been booming in for several years has never ceased to amaze the onlookers with its versatile elegance of change. Wedding outfits which are typical icons of tradition, convention, and culture symbolizes the rich legacy of a community. 2019 fashion practices have blended modernity in traditional attires which has brought in a number of elegant outfits. Here we introduce some groom fashion trends that have crept recently into the Keralite fashion industry and has been rolling in 2019.

Bold and Bright

Many grooms in Kerala prefer to deviate from the conventional grey and black options in attires. ‘Incorporating bright hues like burgundy, purple and ink blue, cream and pink is the latest trend of 2019’, says Abhilash Unni, a freelance fashion designer from Puthencruz. A vibrant shirt with a sleek fitting pants or a kasavumundu would give a classy and stylish look. Wedding dress for men is not limited to traditional outfits. Sherwanis in pink or cream with floral prints have recently seeped into the wedding industry from Bollywood. Sleekness is the formula when it comes to style. Wearing a loose fitting shirt is a strict no. Work out the suits for slim cuts and contrasting colours to lure out an aesthetic yet dynamic look on your wedding.

Swag with the mundu

The trend of coupling the mundu with a simple kurta or shirt still remains an evergreen style. It is the most preferred classy and eloquent outfit of Keralites, especially during ceremonies. The handloom kasavu mundu with the golden zari work is usually coupled with melmundu, a classy white shirt for temple weddings. Pairing bright coloured embroidered kurtas with mundu can be complemented with embroidered pointed shoes for a classy look. Choose the stunning wedding dress for men and be the center of attention.

Glittering gold

Men seem to have been more conscious of their appearance. We have witnessed plenty of companies crop up in the men’s grooming and fashion space. You have many outfit options available today. Choose a gorgeous wedding dress for men. The golden colour which had been a trademark of the Keralite brides has spread out its fumes to the grooms as well. Gold was one of the most predicted fashion colour of 2019 by Forbes magazine. Quilted silk sherwanis with burnt gold and pashmina are coming on to the top list of preferences. Sequined blazers are also preferred with suits. The catchy golden threads, when quilted on to dark shirts, are perfect attires for formal and party look. Jithu Joseph, a designer from Antique boutique in Trivandrum specializes in customizing attired with shades golden threads.

The Three piece suit

If traditional outfits can’t fascinate you, you can buy a classy and contemporary wedding dress for men. A three piece suit is a perfection of sophistication and simplicity in an outfit. This style is back in 2019 with flawless designs and digital prints. An impeccably tailored and sleek fitting suit would make a perfect outfit for your destination wedding. The jacket can be removed and the sleeves can be pushed up for the party look after the formalities at your wedding venues. The suits of SJ Soane are the recent boom in the hot list. Get a complimentary look with props like shades and classy belts.

Make sure to buy straight or slightly tapered pants and bid goodbye to loose ones. Take the same material for the grooms men and adapt with subtle differences in waist coats and lapel styles. Get customized three piece suits from Archer’s Lounge Boutique at Trivandrum.

Indo Western attire

Many grooms have moved out from the cliché outfits to flaunt their confidence in an indo western outfit. Preferring comfort over traditions, men have begun to extract customised outfits from the pool of colours and styles. Pintucks Boutique at Convent Road, Cochi has been striving for years to bring out fruitful blends with the modern and traditional attires. A kurta pyjama with a bold Nehru jacket or blazers, Formals trousers with Nehru Jackets etc were some of the groom outfits in some weddings recently in Kerala. Visit Soorya Suit Palace in Kochi for an exclusive collection of Western outfits. Being aware of the latest and the best wedding dresses for men can make your wedding shopping easier.