Latest Wedding cake trends

Latest Wedding cake trends

The sweetest inevitable part of a wedding is the cake. The symbolic sweetness of the matrimonial unity is undoubtedly cherished with the wedding cakes. With the upcoming innovations in the baking industry, many bakers in Kerala have come up with customised cakes that bring out unique textures and taste.

Out of a million options, we put forward some of the most outstanding ideas on how to plan an event.

Inky Black cakes

Sweet and delicious wedding cakes can add more charm to your wedding.  Thick Black cakes with a gold trim is the hottest trend in the wedding. A black fondant cake would stand out as the star of your wedding reception. The dramatic look of the pastry can be softened down with drip icing, fresh flowers or gold leaves. Spatula in Calicut and Sugarbowl in Cochin have been specializing in customizing black cakes.

Brush stroke cakes

Undeniably, the wedding is a unique moment. The trends are changed. Nowadays, people love to start or end the celebration with wedding cakes. Bakers have moved out of the conventional icing process and have preferred brush stroke cakes resembling an artist’s paint palette. This would be a perfect selection for outdoor wedding locations for its unique artistic texture. This hottest trend of 2019 is made up by melting chocolate on wax paper, creating the strokes using a toothbrush and placing them into a hardened fondant cake. Slice of heaven by Geethu Soman is well known in Cochin for their unique cake artistry in brush stroke cakes.

Hexagonal cakes

Blend in modern and conventional styles with a sleek finished hexagonal cake. Bake by Meraki studio in Cochin Specialises in cakes of different geometrical shapes. The eye-catching symmetry can be topped up with flowers, floral accents, and metallic details. The sleek design is a result of careful slicing and intricate icing around. The gorgeous wedding cake designs can wow your guests. Wedding cakes with an emulate marble pattern is also of high demand in the market.

Metallic Wedding cakes

Copper detailing is the latest boom in the cake industry. The medieval and classy look imparted by the piece of art is irreplaceable with any other pastry. Buerre De Vanille in Thripunithra is well famous for their metallic cakes. The metallic hue gives an industrial feel and would be a show stopper of the pastry table. Other metallic colours like gold and silver are also used to give a unique shiny texture to the cake. The scrummy and piquant wedding cakes can make the day special to everyone.

Fruit garnished cakes

A number of bakers have changed to a healthy perspective and tries to include fresh fruits instead of the pastry flowers. Greenery is the most famous garnishing in buttercream wedding cakes in 2019. Bakers have included figs, cherries, apples, and berries in cakes and provided a healthier start to their life. The cake box Kannur is pretty famous for their fresh fruit cakes and there has been a raging demand for the same.

Floating cakes

It would be a wondrous site to see your wedding cake floating in the air. This technique is an artistic challenge achieved through carving out the iced up cake and skillfully balancing it through intricate strings. Noor Ahmed of Noor cake shop has been specialized in making floating cakes with an outstanding texture.

Lace wedding Cakes

As a stark contrast to black wedding cakes, there has been a demand over pure white cakes laced up with pastry. The simple laced up design on the cake gives a simple yet elegant look. There is also a demand for pure white wedding cakes with monochromatic theme. Simple decorations like moulded flowers and piped lacework used up on the plain cakes impart a unique beauty to it. The cake reincarnates a medieval vibe and gives a romantic aesthetic feel. Get customized lace cakes from Sugarbowl, Cochin.