Impact of Social-media on the success of Women entrepreneurs in Kerala

Impact of Social-media on the success of Women entrepreneurs in Kerala

Social media is nothing short than a technological shock wave that swept the world off its feet. Stretching from “Six degree” conceived in 1997 through the ever popular “Orkut” to the “Instagram” till date, its waves are extensive and never settling. The scope for the benefits of social media in wedding planning is immense. From online invitations to virtually opting customised venues, social
media has provided an unparalleled connectivity, visibility and usability all at the convenience of a finger touch.

However, there was a lesser explored dimension to social media at its beginning, the limmense potential to market oneself through it. This is where we speak of the heroines, the housewives of Kerala. The new-found platforms proved to be a boon for these lovely ladies as they showcased their wide array of awe-inspiring skills/hobbies by the way of cooking, fashion to even architecture on it. In an era where social media is changing wedding planning and other events, these ladies found their cup of tea within the dimensions of a flashing recognition. With the global acclaim pouring down upon them, more followed the path and more women were indeed resurrecting their own identities that were lying low within the walls of a home.

Among the many women that made it big, Harsha Thachery stands out with her brilliant use of social media to put up her own business. The popular homemade food portal “Masalabox” is Harsha’s own brainchild. ‘No preservatives, no artificial colours and no taste enhancers but only the goodness of yummy homemade food’ is the mantra which made Masalabox special. This qualified Chartered accountant from Cochin, launched her brand in her hometown by employing housewives as homechefs. Her Instagram account made a good boom within the crowd of food lovers. Now, Masalabox operates in Kochi and Bengalauru with more than 100 homechefs employed, of course all of them women! Masalabox takes in bulk orders for weddings and other events and her food of health was happily received by the Keralites.

Rumana Jaseel, an ardent baker from Cochin had humble beginings to her cake artistry ‘career’. This self-taught baker last represented the nation at the Cake Oscars held in 2015 at Birmingham, England. Rumana, a certified nutritionist started her own shop “Cake Bake” back in 2007 or in other words the “Orkut era”. Her beautiful yet delicious artisan cakes became the talk of the town in no time, thanks to social media! Rumana launched the “IncrEDIBLE Art” cake boutique featuring French pastry and designer cakes in 2014 at Cochin. The boutique specializes in cake making courses for enthusiasts and what else? Out of the world cakes! Her cakes stole the attention in many celebratory events and
luxury weddings.

Anjali, a resident from Thripunithra started the first women’s event management firm ‘Event Trivia’. Her humble start up gained a lot of attention with her social media sites. Today Anjali is well known for her customised NRI events and wedding decors.

The tiny slice of land where matriarchy once prevailed and women and queens renowned for their vibrant personalities and identities filled the folklores and history alike, Kerala and it’s women are on the path of a necessary come back. Empowering women has become a need of the time and the social media could do a great deal about it if put to good use like these wonderful women have. How
social media has transformed wedding industry and how women benefitted from boom would be written in the golden pages of Women Entrepreneurship.