Things to consider while looking for an event planner in Kerala

Things to consider while looking for an event planner in Kerala

The scenic beauty of Kerala has become a recent boom in making the perfect destination for weddings and business events. With the upcoming trend of customized events; many prefer to depend on an event management company for their needs. There are a few things to consider while deciding how to plan an event. First of all make an outline including details like the nature of the event, estimated budget, number of guests and the required services including food and beverage. Choose a few event management companies in Kerala and select the best out of it based on the following factors:-

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”

-Douglas H. Everett

Nature of the company

It is important to note the nature of the company. For example, if the company specializes in planning out business events, they might not be the best to conduct your flashy weddings. Have a research on their event management steps and also find if they have conducted another event in the proposed destination. Have a check for customer reviews and contact a few former clients if possible to ensure maximum security. Find one of the best event management companies in Kerala.

Thinking out of the box

Conducting an event is a normal task. It requires effort to make it a memorable event. Pick an innovative company with outstanding ideas. Do a research on the company’s history and check on their expertise in your type of event. Select one of the best event management companies in Kerala that brings out unique and cost-effective ideas and can effectively blend in your imagination in the most efficient manner. Have a few meetings with the creative team and juxtapose your event with their creativity to bring out an outstanding output.

Budget friendly

Research on normal event planning rates and cut down unnecessary expense. Discuss and come down to a realistic earthly budget and delivery on time. Take in mind to inquire how they charge i.e. if it is as a flat fee, hourly rate or in percentage. Get a clear picture about the inclusions and exclusions and third-party vendor rates. Also, check about their cancellation and refund policies to avoid last minute confusions. The perfect event management companies can manage your risks.

Efficient planning

Choose one of the best event management companies in Kerala that focuses on detailing and logistics. Make clarity if they would find a venue, audiovisual services, organize catering, photography, transportation, accommodation, and staffing. Check if they carry out safety regulations and risk assessment policies. Get a brief introduction about who all would be working on your event including the managers and catering staff. This would avoid confusions. Note if they are full time / part time/ freelance staffs. Have a clear communication with the account manager and get the bills for each expense.


Research on the technology that they employ for budget management, event websites, registration, ticketing, analytics and reporting. Ensure that it is the best and error free. Event management companies in Kerala offer you unique ideas and proven event formats. 


However accurate the planning goes on, mistakes and flaws are inevitable. Therefore always follow up and have a backup event planner in your mind in case the current event planner fails.