Tie the knot at Gods own destinations

Tie the knot at Gods own destinations

Tired of the wedding clichés with the stringed up flowery garlands, strong aromatic incense sticks, and sandalwood paste? Bored of the huge crowds running around air-conditioned halls? Wake up that bridal sleeping beauty in you and stand out with the bashing concept of destination wedding. Without a doubt, the first word to be uttered with the flashing thought of a destination wedding is none other than Kerala.

Out of a million options, we put forward some of the most outstanding ideas on how to plan an event.

Houseboat wedding

Destination wedding lets you host your wedding in a romantic location. Surprise your guests and make your special day a graceful adventure by tying the knot at a houseboat in Alleppey. Alleppey is known as one of the best destination wedding locations in Kerala. Enjoy the backwater breeze and munch on the coastal delicacies and give a wedding toast with a cup of coconut toddy. Choose from a variety of houseboats of different qualities specially customized for event management plans.

Backwater wedding

Totally in love with the backwaters, the fishes and the tropical trees? Plan your destination wedding at one of the numerous resorts or hotels near the backwaters. Be one with the unique flora and fauna of the region and give a loving embrace to your loved one with all its beauty. Pick a good rated resort that suits your need and make a tropical themed wedding to sew in a memory that would last for a lifetime.

Hill themed wedding

Be one with your other half on a beautiful landscape of mist, hills and lush greens. Begin a new chapter of your life with a light breeze blowing on to your face. Choose among the hearty hills of Ponmudi, Thusharagiri, Wayanad or Munnar and plan your dream wedding. Choose any of the high rated resorts with a beautiful landscape and let the wedding guests enjoy your ‘chilly big day’ with a cup of sizzling tea. Destination wedding gives you lots of memorable moments.

Temple wedding

Be one with the tune of Omkara and get married with the blessings of a powerful idol. Leave all noises of the world behind and cherish a devotional space with your other half in echoes of the carved stones and mantras. Yearly, a significant number of tourist couples swarm into the country to be one with the Hindu tradition and to tie the knot. Choose from the numerous temples famous for their powerful idols to make your wedding day special. The Sreekrishna temple of Guruvayur is the most famous with at least 200 weddings performed in a day.

Beach wedding

Make your wedding a celebration of the sky and the sea by planning a beach wedding. Choose among the most well -kept beaches of Kovalam, Alappey or Varkala and savour the spice of the coastal wedding lunches. Decorate the sizzling sands with flower buds and hush out the magic words ‘I do ‘ like a true bride of nature. Pick out a resort of your choice according to a comfortable budget and spill out the sand of happiness on your dear ones. If you want your wedding to be remembered as a fun and casual party, destination wedding is the best option.