Fun games to make your baby shower stand out

Fun games to make your baby shower stand out

Being a parent is undoubtedly the proudest moment of person’s life. It’s always nice to mix out some fun while flaunting that baby bump.Baby shower has undergone a transformation from a flashy celebration into an event to be cherished for a lifetime.Social media has recently hyped up over the cutest baby shower ideas and customized cakes.Spread out joy of the celebration and make ita memorable event with these customized games.

Balloon Baby musical chair

Tuck in maximum number of balloons under their clothes and make them play the You will need lots of balloons, chairs and a music system. Ask each of the guest to musical chair game with some fun fast paced songs. The winner is supposed to secure the chair without dropping or popping the balloons in their tummy. Let the mom to be judge the game and have some fun. Baby shower ideas can decidedly make this event more charming and offer lots to enjoy

Know Your Rhymes

You will need papers, pens, computer, printer and a photocopier. Take out a few snippets from well-known nursery rhymes and make worksheets leaving blank spaces for the guests to fill in the rest. Ask them to complete the rhymes. Those who completes the maximum wins. This might be a fun and mischievous game. Let the adorable baby shower ideas break from old school traditions and make the occasion more gorgeous and enchanting.

Baby Name Maker

You will need pens, papers and a timer. List out the names of the to- be- parents and ask the guests to coin the maximum number of baby names from the letters. This might be a fun game and a creative task to bring out unique baby names. Baby shower ideas add more vibrancy to this elegant occasion.

Decorating the baby’s room

You will need decorative craft items, markers ,paint, mini canvas or paper, glitter pens etc. Ask the guests to use their creativity and make creative items for the baby’s room. It can be clay moldings, craft works or paintings. Let their imaginations run wild and come up with unique baby shower ideas. Ask them to make entities that matches with your baby shower themes. Let the best creative be given prizes.

Egg babies

You will need boiled eggs with shells, paints, markers and spoons. Give an egg to each guest and ask them to paint a baby on them. Now ask them to carry their ‘babies’ on a spoon held between their teeth. Make the guests race with their spoons and the winner who reaches first without dropping their egg wins. Let the perfect baby shower games make this event dazzling and amazing.

Guess the item

Take away the balance props from the baby shower decoration and keep it on a table. You will need plain cards, pens and safety pins. Write down baby items For example, pacifier, diapers, feeding bottle etc and pin it on the back of each guest. Let the guest mingle with the others and guess the item with a series of yes or no questions. This can be a great ice- breaking game for the invited guests. Baby shower games brush away your stress and bring more laughter to your special day.

Diaper Surprise

You will need diapers, pens, papers, candy bars and chocolate. Molt the chocolate and candy bars and smear them all over the diapers. Give each of the diapers to the guests and ask them to smell out the candy flavors. The person who correctly guesses the flavors wins. Enjoy the fabulous day with the joyous baby shower games.