An Essential Checklist for your House-party Planning

An Essential Checklist for your House-party Planning

It is a fact that no venue can replace that coziness and warmth of your homely premise.Leaving the conventional auditorium and resorts, many Keralites now prefer to conduct events and throw parties at their homes. Be it Halloween, birthday, anniversaries or wedding, a precise party planning checklist is required to assure perfection in planning and organization which would ensure proper timing and comfort for the guests and the hosts. These are a few things to be considered while preparing your house party planning checklist.

Out of a million options, we put forward some of the most outstanding ideas on how to plan an event.

Before a few months

Check with the dates and time and ensure that the schedules do not clash with other celebrations so that most of the invited guests can come in. Check and evaluate your home for spots which goes with serving food, entertaining the guests, setting up the dance floor etc. Decide on a theme to go with the party and decide out how your house can be customized with the selected theme. Start making a guest list which can be further edited in the coming days. Roughly decide on the budget, food menu, shopping lists and options for caterers. Make a list of the suitable event management companies and organize the party planning group.

Before a month

Check on with the program list and fix the games and entertainment programs. Fix on the type of equipment to be used like projectors, loudspeakers, games etc. Finalize on spots inside the house for serving the food, playing music etc. Start inviting guests and make a party planning checklist of guests to avoid last minute tensions.

Before two weeks

Confirm with the event managers and make sure that everything is on track and
deliveries will be managed accordingly. Take care of even small things and do a
personal shopping for missing items like ice trays, table cloths, extra napkins
disposable bags etc. Bring in more space to the house and empty out wardrobes for the guests to pile up their things.

Before a week

Prepare a playlist for the songs to be played. Make sure that the safety check is
thoroughly done. Ensure a fire escape and emergency medical facilities and carry out a brief inspection. Have a final confirmation guest list to prevent food wastage.

On the previous day

Test all sound equipment, arrange the furniture, make wifi available. Put the necessary decorations and balloons. Buy extra perishables like ice, fruits etc.
Even after the party is over and things are wrapped up, make sure to prepare a checklist for the cleanup, delivered things, services and finance issues. This would benefit the further events to be conducted in your home.